Building a one-team mentality in the workplace

The most effective teams are able to work together seamlessly to successfully execute projects. Teams like these are often built around the same, positive attitude. In turn, it is up to the leadership of the organization to establish a work environment that helps cultivate a positive, constructive, one-team mentality.

With over 20 years of professional management experience, I’m proud to have helped develop effective teams for a range of companies I’ve worked at.

Building a one-team mentality, in my view, is also incredibly important to the success of My Place Realty.

Over the past several years, our teams at My Place Realty have developed strategies to promote better understanding and communication and, in short, to help achieve goals as a cohesive unit.

Here are some key tips to helping your staff build up their one-team perspective.

1. Understanding: Help your team share ideas and experiences to enhance their connection and trust. Team-building activities help members connect and cultivate understanding among each other.

2. Set goals: while it is primarily the responsibility of management to set goals for the company, when it comes to goal setting it is important that team members contribute ideas. This not only helps them feel appreciated, but it also gives them a sense of responsibility towards accomplishing the goals.

3. Incentives: have a plan to reward teams who work hard, contribute and produce quality work. Rather than offer members individual incentives, provide group rewards for productivity. This will help build a one-team mentality among members.

4. Collaboration: Assign team members work or duties that involve them working together. Any tasks that need to be carried out should be done in pairs or groups.

5. Be a team player: management and leadership should not consider themselves above working with their teams. Demonstrate the type of commitment and one-team mentality you would like to see in your employees. It is also crucial that each team member feels like they are able to approach leaders in the company. Welcome feedback from employees and act on any positive changes they recommend.

6. Independence: While management should stay in touch with teams, leaders should refrain from micro-managing projects. By giving members independence over how they develop the project together you will strengthen their one-team attitudes. If leaders allow teams to find their own collaboration techniques it will enhance their ability to work together.

Building a successful team mentality in a workplace can help create a positive atmosphere in any company. Creating an environment where feedback and the sharing of ideas are welcomed and developing relationships among members are promoted can help employees cultivate a one-team mentality.



My Values and the Core Mission Statements of My Place Realty

At My Place Realty (MPR), our property management company, we have four simple but important core values or goals that we strive to achieve. These include respect, accountability, forward thinking and one team mentality.

Over the course of my career, I have sought to live by these four values and put them into practice in both my professional and personal life.


As a manager with over twenty years of professional experience, I have practiced the art of good management and team building, particularly during my time training, leading and setting up a team of professionals to take over the Barbados operations of Global Drug Supply.

All of the companies that I have run over my career, I have focused on giving the employees job stability and stable career. We have also taken our social responsibility seriously, striving to give back to a variety of charities and help improve the lives of others in our communities.

Moreover, my experience in Barbados taught me about culture differences and how to respect one another in the workplace. I have also further developed my talents in human resources, customer service, business operations, procurement, data processing, as well as business development and finance.

However, what I have enjoyed most is coaching and the development of my team. Teaching others how to accomplish a job well done and to ensure the environment is with respect and collaboration.


I am very proud to be the vice president of My Place Realty, a company that strives to provide quality homes to our tenants. We currently have over 1,400 apartment units in Winnipeg and make it a point of helping our clients find spaces they are happy to call home.

During my studies at the University of Manitoba, this was were I was able to build up a stronger work ethic. My investment paid off when I was able to graduate with honours in 1996 and earn my Bachelor of Commerce degree.

I believe that learning never stops and that it should be a lifelong pursuit. Because of that I am always looking for new ways to enhance my skills and abilities. I have done so through coaching sessions, self-development seminars and more. Thanks to these training opportunities I have been able to build upon my capabilities and talents.

Forward Thinking

I have previously noted that as technology advances, it helps us to serve our tenants and clients better, particularly with communication. Now our clients are able to contact us from our website, by email, messaging apps or texts. These lines of communication are available 24 hours a day, so whenever an emergency comes up, we are able to provide better and more timely service.

As for our buildings, we enjoy implementing technology that makes them feel more secure and helps them run better. For example, door entry, camera and alarm systems and smart cards in our laundry rooms.

At My Place Realty, we are always looking for ways to improve our buildings and to be on the forefront of the industry.

One Team

From my experience, creating a team of members who truly recognize the strengths of each other and work together to achieve our common goals is imperative to success in any business undertaking, regardless of the industry or market. At My Place Realty, we work hard to create a cohesive team that not only works well with each other, but works and believes in our central mission statement: matching quality multi-family homes with tenants.