Why Respect Should Be Your Number-One Mission In Business

So much goes into having a successful business. Hard work, passion, and staying ahead of trends are all important factors. But if there is one thing I have learned, having respect for your team and your clients rises above them all.

Respect is one of the core values at My Place Realty. We all strive to “caring and treating others with dignity and respect and value individual differences and contributions.” It sounds simple, but showing respect for every team member goes a long way towards a productive and happy workplace.

Let’s break that statement down. First, you have to be caring. That means treating your team members and others like people, not like numbers. People have feelings, people make mistakes, and you have to recognize that. Approach every situation like the person is your best friend.

Next, treat others with dignity and respect. Value every single person who you work with, no matter their role. Never treat anyone like they are “below” you. Everyone is worthy of your kindness, so avoid looking at people in a hierarchical way.

It’s also important to embrace people’s differences. Every member of your team will have different strengths, so play to them. Your team will be more productive and feel more satisfied because they are praised for what they are good at rather than cut down for their weaknesses.

In the same vein, don’t brush off anyone’s contributions, no matter how small. That is the easiest way to ensure that person will never voice their opinion again. Team members’ contributions will even out in the end. Because everyone has different things they are good at, some will shine during certain projects and others on other tasks.

In business, respect is for more than your team. Behaving respectfully with clients is essential. Building rapport with your community helps you earn the trust of potential customers. If you show you truly care about them and their distinct lifestyle, your business is sure to gain a good reputation.

One great way to build that trust is to volunteer in your community. It helps you build personal relationships with community members and show them that you aren’t just there for their business, but because you really care about their well-being. Some of my favorite charities to support are Lighthouse Mission, Manitoba Mutts and the Canadian Cancer Society.

My number-one way to show respect to everyone I work with is committing to transparent communication. Whether I’m speaking to a business contact or a member of my team, I always try my best to be open and honest with them. I celebrate my victories and own up to my mistakes. Active listening is also a big part of the process. This lets people I work with trust me, which is invaluable in business and in life.